PHV Agency

PHV Agency was founded by Philippe Verschueren in 2000. Philippe has been active in the fashion business for about 30 years, first as a designer of his own brand, afterwards in the wholesale business that resulted in the creation of his own agency.

Thanks to the large network that Philippe has created over the years, the agency now takes care of the commercial and press relations of well-known international fashion brands such as:

The free way of creating makes Malìparmi a familiar and accessible brand. A fantastic journey gathering crafts, technics, colors and patterns in textiles and materials to design garments and accessories, tells Malìparmi’s unique story.

Curiosity is an attitude, an instinct. Being curious to steal with eyes, to perfceive every slight change: always discover new textures or yarns, experimenting the most unusual colors mixing and materials. Seek and wonder, over and over again.

Attic and Barn began life in 2010 to satisfy the desires of a modern woman wanting to enhance her outfit with refined garments with character. Colours and prints are always in synergy, creating sophisticated and original contrasts. The brand has evolved season after season.

Lost in me represents a vision, a concept of style made of quality, creativity and research, which amounts to the identity of this brand. The project was born from the will of the company Visconf, present on the marketplace for more than 70 years, to offer traditional coats customized and updated to the particularities and needs of modern society.

The Caliban brand was born in 1979 in Pontevico where the first shirt was sewn and where the headquarters and production are still located.
It is in Pontevico that quality and tailoring attitudes meet creativity which translates into excellence.

PAOLA d’ ARCANO shoe brand was born in 2014 in Lake Como when Paola Vitali d’Arcano, putting together her experience in the luxury fashion business and inspired by a great family of artists, decided to create fully Made in Italy, unconventional, women shoes.

Psophía was born as a result of the collaboration of a highly experienced team within the fashion industry, who after many years leading and positioning brands within the middle/high sector globally, decided to develop a new project on their own, creating Psophía as a ready-towear women’s brand.

PT Torino was founded in Turin by Mr. Pierangelo Fassino who turned his thriving family business from a fabric wholesaler into a successful trouser specialist. Mr. Edoardo Fassino, Pierangelo’s son, set out launch the company’s own high-end international trouser label: PT Torino. The collection brings glamorous women’s trousers and a denim collection.

Solotre made its debut in 2015 as a knitwear collection. Meanwhile, the collection has become a total look, designed by Erika Cavallini. Solotre embodies a new concept of minimalism, yet relevant with soft and relaxed lines.

Le Sarte Pettegole, The Gossiping Seamstresses, encapsulates perfection that is seemingly randomly achieved. “Forgotten” stitches, incomplete lines, clashing fabrics that somehow find common ground. Almost as if to say that nothing is predictable, that anything can happen. It is the beauty of the unexpected that elicits a feeling of wonder.

The Whyci collections primarily rise from a deep knowledge of the raw materials. Silk, wool, cashmere, linen and cotton are mixed to find ever new combinations that make each garment soft and comfortable. The Italian production is of the highest quality, and uses only the purest untreated fibers, with a classic taste and always composed.

Created in 2016, OOF is inspired by the concept of reversibility: two forms and two different colours, one inside and one outside. Two jackets in one. A “must have” conceived and lived in the name of colour. Practical and comfortable, but with style. The result is the OOF creations which today stand out for their reversibility, style and colour range.

Sartorial tradition and sparkling creativity.
Bazar Deluxe stars its journey in 2013 to discover new cultures, flavours, traditions, landscapes and different languages.
Craftsmanship, creative play and glamorous fusions between precious ethnic trimmings, embroideries and fine fabrics are the strength of Bazar Deluxe.

One of the trendiest bag collections at the moment. La Milanesa is joyful, and stands out for its detailed and colourful craftmanship. It is 100% hand-made in Italy.

Mantero 1902 tells a story through its product, an inspiration that translates into a wearable experience. Each garment is an invitation to explore new worlds and express one’s individuality. A mix of prints and unexpected color combinations blend with precious materials and linear designs, always with a touch of femininity.

You will recognise the Lunatica skirt among thousands of skirts: original fabrics and threads, unique design with an elegant retro flavour with a pinch of bon-ton style, all feminine.